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Our mission is to help entrepreneurs to build their own startup business in a less risky way as possible.


Most startups fail because they start developing the technical side of it.

Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, there was a founder that has a brilliant idea. The founder worked very hard and built a solution to the problem that he’s trying to solve.

Spent days and nights building the product.

The founder launches the product.

Nobody bought one.

The founder runs out of money.

The product dies… The End.

Sounds familiar? Yes, most founders make their startups like this. First, they have an amazing idea then the second thing they wanna do is to develop the actual product.

Let me tell you the safest way to build a startup…


A platform where founders like you can make a startup and earn from it without writing a single line of code.

Everything we do, innovation always comes first. We believe in innovative entrepreneurs. We believe that they have the ability to advance people’s lives.

The way we help entrepreneurs like you is by helping you to make your own startup business and earn from it without spending too much money on any technical development or even without writing a single line of code.

We do this by giving you an easy to follow strategies on how to make your own startup business in a less risky way as possible.

Startup 101:
Sell the Idea not the Product.

This eBook will teach you a strategy on how to make a startup without spending too much money on any technical development or even without writing a single line of code.

How traditional companies work


This is traditional thinking. The problem with this is that they don’t even care about the result right after they make the actual product. Whether your business is going to be profitable or not, will it have enough traction before you find an investor, will it really solve the problem that you wanna solve and etc… What they only care about is to close the deal and develop the actual product.

Our team always thinks about innovation in every section of our work. We’re not just developing your product but we also care about the outcome of it. We think about the after-product release, helping you find paying customers before we even reach the development phase. This is the innovative mindset. We don’t build software products. We build successful startups.


Innovative Mindset

A continuous loop of innovative thinking by the use of our FDC Framework. The only goal of this framework is to acquire paying customers before you even start product development.

We all know the Build-Measure-Learn from the book Lean Startup but this one is different. The FDC Framework is the micro version of the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop, this happens even before you Build.

The FDC framework is much faster to implement and analyze. As a result, it allows you to move fast until you reach your goal.



A startup always comes with a problem to solve and a solution to provide. The way we know if our solution will actually solve the problem is to ask for feedback. In this stage, we're not gonna tell you to just talk to potential customers but instead, we're going to teach and help you to do it. This will be easy as we already have a proven system on how we gather feedback to your target customers and identify your market fit. Also in this stage, it is more important to focus on their pain points and problem rather than to their desired solution.


Once we gather feedback, the next thing we're gonna do is to design. Design could be as simple as a wireframe or a frontend static html. The goal is not to be fancy but to show to our potential customers on how we solve the problem that they have. In this part, the User Experience is much more important than the User Interface.


Once we're done with the design, we're gonna sell the idea to our potential customers. Now, there's only two answers that we're gonna get. And that is a Yes and a No. Yes means that the solution that we have solves the problem and a No means a room for more feedback or an improvement. Take note that it's normal to have no customers at first. That's why this framework is a continuous loop of innovative thinking.


When we're done getting customers, the next thing that we're gonna do is to start over again and gather feedback to our potential customers. But this time with the new improved design that we made. And we're gonna do this all over again until we reach our goal. And that goal is gain enough traction for paying customers before we start the product development.

The FDC Framework also applies not only in the early stage of a startup but also in the mid and scaling stage of it. That’s why it’s a framework. It can be modified according to your needs and into what stage you’re currently in. Having consistent feedback, design and customer acquisition is the new way of building a startup.


Failing to plan is planning to fail

In a startup world, there are 3 stages of growth. We divided our solutions and strategies based on those 3 stages. First, we will define what stage are you in and we’ll suggest the right strategy for your startup.

The goal here is to build a clickable prototype, market it to the right audience, gather feedback, and improve the prototype until you reach your desired number of paying customers and early adopters.

  • Evaluate your startup idea
  • Plan your business model and solution
  • Strategize your pricing
  • Get feedback from your target customer
  • Validate your idea to your target market
  • Find new ways to improve your solution
  • Generate Leads via FB Chatbot
  • Setting up your chatbot for customer support
  • Talk to right customers
  • Earn from your early adopters
  • Accept Payment
  • Showcase your idea via Video Animation
  • Write a compelling offer
  • Build a feedback system
  • Plan your client onboarding process
  • Market your idea to social media
  • Advertise your startup to your target audience
  • Build a clickable prototype

The goal of the MVP is to build a functioning application for your customers. Once it’s done, getting ready to plan other things such as hiring your first team, increasing conversions, improving your marketing and advertising will be followed. We can only define success once we target our desired number of paying customers or clients.

  • Build a functioning application
  • Measure data and analytics
  • Set KPIs and Goals
  • Strategize on how to onboard new hires
  • Hire your first team
  • Strategize a workflow for your first team
  • Improve your leadership
  • Learn to communicate your vision, mission and goals
  • Plan your culture
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Plan to Pitch your startup to investors
  • Evaluating all the risk
  • Improve your marketing
  • Improve your advertising
  • Improve your client onboarding process
  • Planning about content strategy
  • Build and Plan Product Demo
  • Plan your pitch deck
  • Improve collection of customer feedback

Enterprise scaling could be a lot of things but the goal of this strategy is to get rid of the obstacles or challenges that the company is facing. Whether if it’s about sales, conversions, scaling the technical side of the application, or other things like problems with your team. The goal is to define and focus on high-risk problems and solve them using innovative solutions. Below are some other things that we can do to scale your startup:

  • Improve and Scale your Application
  • Improve the number of your paying customer
  • Improve your Sales
  • Improve your Marketing
  • Improve your Advertising
  • Improve your customer acquisition
  • Set up a cancellation system
  • Scale thru your data and analytics
  • Reduce the number of cancellation or churn
  • Improve User Interface
  • Improve User Experience
  • Analyze your team and culture
  • Fire unproductive employees
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Build a referral system
  • Improve SEO and content marketing
  • Increase the amount of repeat business
  • Adding more value to your customers
  • Improve collection of customer feedback
  • Focusing on high risk problems


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